review: Casa Puga Almería


Before this trip I've listed a few restaurants to visit and Casa Puga was one of them. Despite being one of the oldest tapas in Almería and having a good rating on the internet I had quite high expectations for Casa Puga. 

The 1870 established Casa Puga is very centrally located. The archaic earthenware tiles make the space dark and cool which is perfect for the Almería-n temperature. Guests are surrounded by all kinds of pictures in frames and certificates on the wall. One thing I've noticed was that people coming here were mostly locals. They were reading news, watching TV or gossiping for hours on end with the waiters. It would have been awesome if I knew what they were talking about.


The menu was filled with a prodigious amount of options. A shame that I was not hungry at that time, otherwise I would order as much food as for three people. At the end I had a glass of beer, a tuna salad and a plate of calamari. 

Remind the waiter when asking for the bill that you did not touch the bread; otherwise it will automatically be charged to your bill every time. And I am still not into beer.

Mixed Salad with Tuna, Olives and Green Tomatoes

Mixed Salad with Tuna, Olives and Green Tomatoes

In cooking, as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection
— Curnonsky

It had everything what an amazing salad could consist of: the slight sourness of green tomatoes, the crunchiness of lettuce, the acidity of olives with its tooth-breaker pith, the oceany, meaty tuna and a simple delicious shot of native olive oil. 

Calamari Fritti

Calamari Fritti

Short after the Calamari arrived at the table. Bigger rings were cut into smaller pieces. Casa Puga's Calamari Fritto distinguished from others by how thin the batter around the fish was and it did not contain any air-bubbles between dough and fish. The fish had a firm consistency but no mean gummy and the batter was crispy and not greasy at all. Maybe I was not used to eating calamari without dip but few lemon drops did the job well.

Overall, Casa Puga lives up to its reputation. The restaurant is cozy and well visited by locals which is always a good sign for a great restaurant. 


Casa Puga
Calle Jovellanos 7
04003 Almería