review: Uncle Van Salzburg


Concealed in a small alley, "Uncle Van" is not easy to find. Consequently, not many tourists know about its hideout as their ultimate goals are Schnitzel, Mozart (Kugel) and The Sound of Music, which is great for locals. This tiny restaurant has become popular over the time due to its creative idea and unbeatable price (ranging from 4€ to 10€/full meal) compared to the expensiveness in Salzburg. Here, wok dishes can be customised with various ingredients such as rice, pasta, veggie and meat with a compliment of a dozen of sauces. 

Today's focus will be Pho, the Queen of Rice-Noodles Soups. There are four different toppings that can  be chosen: Gà (chicken), Bò (beef), Tôm (shrimp) and Chay (vegetarian). Here is the result after tasting Pho beef from Uncle Van: 

Pho Bò

Pho Bò

The rice-noodles are wider and thicker than the traditional ones in Vietnam. Therefore, it might taste a bit bland as the flavour cannot be fully absorbed.  The broth has a brownish, clear colour which signifies a deep and distinctive beefy taste coming from meats and bones swimming hours long in boiling water. As a result, even though the cut of meat is quite thick, it is still incredibly tender and has a melt-in-your-mouth effect. Last but not least, herbs cannot be forgotten when speaking about the Vietnamese ego. Many restaurants in Europe tend to save money on coriander, basil, culantro and even onion. Uncle Van is not too much different from others (who puts leek and pak-choi in their Pho?). 

In conclusion, even though the Pho here is not as authentic, I still enjoy it very much. The staff is very friendly, the place is lively and everyone there is happy. 


Uncle Van
Lederergasse 1
5020 Salzburg