review: La Mary Valencia


Bluntly put, I was too lazy to scrutinize local restaurants nor did I want to mingle with the tourists in town. So, I decided to get some advice from the front desk agent - who suggested "La Mary" - which I regretted later. 

La Mary was beautiful and stylish yet quite empty at 9:00 in the evening. The menu was succinct to read but hard to understand at the same time. And the food was noticeably reasonable for its location. I was overwhelmed by the choices and ended up ordering some fried balls filling with cheese and squid and a baked cod with seasonal market veggie and a glass of house wine for 2.50€. 

The food came surprisingly fast. Primero plato: fried balls. The crispy skin encloses the cheesy unidentified fluid inside which one of them has a discernibly fishy taste of the "ocean". To express it shortly, it was not bad and could be more enjoyable with ketchup.

El segundo plato followed shortly. The fish was nicely placed next to some uninspired boiled veggie with scatted salt crystals over a reservoir of white sauce and excess water. It was bland and the puzzling sauce did not make up for the tastelessness. 

In short, it is a good looking restaurant in town with a reasonable price and adequate food. 


La Mary
Carrer de Félix Pizcueta
6 Planta baja
46004 Valencia, España