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Marasea is a casual plus restaurant featuring mainly seafood from northern Asia such as sushi, tempura, southern Asia like Tom Yum Taley to Singapore Chili Crab and customized seafood platters.

The good service started outside of the restaurant where I was greeted and brought to my table. Before long, Alvin from the Philippines introduced himself. The ambience was airy, relaxed and had a hint of ocean. Well, this peaceful moment did not last long. As soon as the soup landed on my table, the symphony of crying babies started.

Shrimp crackers were served first. They were neither oily nor dense and harmonized well with sweet chili sauce.  

Shrimp crackers

The nonalcoholic red wine was like a new phenomenon for a non-alcoholic me. It smelled like wine and the first taste even reminded me of normal red. However, the lack of dryness and alcoholic touch definitely made it special. I could have swallowed the whole bottle but for a price of 40€, I tried to hold back my instincts. The meal continued with an over-salted Tom Yum Taley, the juicy but dull grilled sea bass and an uninspired selection from the dessert trolley

Tom Yum Taley
Grilled sea bass
Dessert trolley

But let’s talk about my aspirant waiter, Alvin from Philippines. He was simply amazing. My (lone) dining experience was adorned by small-talks about life in UAE up to now, the modern time and how everyone obeyed the laws in order to live a (fairly) happy life. Just like everyone else in the industry, he worked nonstop every day to earn enough for himself and his family back home.

Altogether, it is a beauty in life to learn about people through stories they share with you. Even when the food is barely edible, the experience will always make it yummier (at least in your heart). 

  • Marasea
  • Sheraton Sharjah beach resorts & spa
  • Al Muntazah Street
  • Sharjah, UAE
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