review: Wokman Salzburg


Right next to the meeting point of all what is being-considered traditional Austrian hearty specialty, this little restaurant brings some warmth from the Southeast Asia into the middle of freezing Alpine winter. Located at the end of a small alley which leads to more endless smaller alleys, it might not be visible at first. But when you find it, you will be rewarded with an affordable and honest meal that satisfies your guttural tummy. 

By the time the first step is made, your brain will have to deal with a symphony of phobias: Erythrophobia, Clastrophobia, Misophonia, Consecotaleophobia etc. But I guess that’s what make us Asian: the noise of shouting out for orders, the hurried calling for bills, the sizzling of the tofu swimming in 180°C+ sun flower oil and the savoury mist steaming from the open kitchen. 

The menu is straightforward: foods are numbered and divided into many sections like appetisers, soups, rice and co. 

Today’s meal is Pho Bò, again. 

From the first moment the dish arrives, the unsolved mystery reappeares: why do restaurants prefer the big, fat & tough rice-noodles? The traditional thinly made one would be torn up so easily in the mouth, creating an accumulation of short happy moments during the slurping. Unfortunately, these noodles were no different than others, in fact they even win for the widest rice noodle in Salzburg. Also, the broth lacks of the beefy, gingery flavour and is on the verge of being way too salty for my taste. To keep the story short, a bowl of Pho in Wokman comes with a generous amount of noodles and meat that is enough to fill up two hungry tummies. 

At the end of the day, this little restaurants’s Pho might not be the best, but it is always nice to come back to be in Asia for a while. 


Erythrophobia … the fear of red

Clastrophobia … the fear of small space

Misophonia … the dear of sound

Consecotaleophobia … the fear of chopsticks

  • Wokman
  • Roseggerstraße 25
  • 5020 Salzburg
  • Austria